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    Uchanganuzi Wa Athari Za Kifonolojia Zinazojidhihirisha Miongoni Mwa Wajifunzaji Wa Kiswahili Kama Lugha Ya Kigeni Katika Jamii Ya Wanyankore.
    (Kabale University, 2024) Nsimamukama, Mariseera
    Mada kuu ya utafiti huu ilikuwa Uchanganuzi wa athari za kifonolojia zinazojidhihirisha miongoni mwa wajifunzaji wa Kiswahili kama lugha ya kigeni katika jamii ya Wanyankore. Lengo kuu la utafiti huu lilikuwa ni kuchunguza athari za kifonolojia zinazodhihirisha miongoni mwa wajifunzaji wa Kiswahili kama lugha ya kigeni katika jamii ya Wanyankore. Sampuli ya utafiti huu ilikuwa ya watu sitini (60). Wanafunzi hamsini na walimu kumi kutoka kwa shule teule. Njia zilizotumiwa kukusanya data ni mahojiano kwa walimu wa Kiswahili na usimuliaji wa hadithi kwa wanafunzi wa Kiswahili. Utafiti huu ulikuwa na malengo mahususi matatu na matokeo ya lengo la kwanza yalionyesha kwamba athari za Kifonolojia zinazojidhirisha miongoni mwa wajifunzaji wa Kiswahili kama Lugha ya Kigeni katika jamii ya Wanyankore ni uchopekaji, ubadilishanaji wa fonimu na udoshaji herufi. Matokeo ya lengo la pili yalionyesha kuwa sababu kubwa ya kujitokeza kwa athari za Kifonolojia hizo ni mwingiliano wa lugha ya kwanza (Kinyankore) na lugha ya pili (Kiswahili). Matokeo ya lengo la tatu yalionyesha kwamba suluhisho kubwa la athari hizi ni kuwafundisha wanafunzi Kiswahili tangu utotoni ili wapate umilisi tosha. Mtafiti anapendekeza kwamba tafiti nyingine sifanywe kuhusu athari za kifonolojia Kwa kuangazia viwango vingine vya kiisimu ili suala hili lieleweke zaidi.
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    Influence of University Orientation on Fresh Students' Academic Attainment: A Case Study of Kabale University.
    (Kabale University, 2024) Nuwagaba, Melon
    This study examined the impact of Kabale University's orientation program on students’ academic attainment, integration into the university community, and peer mentorship effectiveness. Data collected from university students of varying academic years shed light on participation levels, perceived integration, academic performance, program customization, and peer mentorship experiences. Findings reveal varying degrees of participation, generally positive perceived integration, mixed results regarding academic performance influence, and diverse feedback on peer mentorship effectiveness. The study underscores the need for ongoing evaluation and refinement of the orientation program to address the multifaceted needs of students effectively. Further research avenues include longitudinal analysis of program impact, comparative studies of orientation programs, and exploration of peer mentorship dynamics for enhanced student support and academic success.
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    Role of National Teachers’ Organizations on The Performance of Teachers: A Case Study Of Rubanda District.
    (Kabale University, 2024) Owomugisha, Elias
    This study was carried out to establish the role of the National Teachers’ Organisation on the performance of Teachers: A case study of Rubanda district Uganda. The study was guided by objectives like establishing the activities played by NATO on the performance of Teachers in the Rubanda district, finding out the challenges facing teachers in secondary schools in the Rubanda district, to investigating the solutions to the challenges facing teachers in secondary schools in the Rubanda district. A descriptive cross-sectional survey research design was adopted with both qualitative and quantitative approaches. A total of 68 respondents were selected from 80 as the target population. Questionnaires were used as the main data collection instrument. Some respondents showed that teacher’s trade union is supposed to create favorable working conditions, empowerment, professional development, and job satisfaction for better performance in school by the teachers. Some respondents that when discipline breaks down in school, the safety of teachers and students is jeopardized, turning the school environment into a dangerous place to teach or learn, some respondents agreed that the core among them is the limited classroom language opportunities for the learners to practice the language, some respondents agreed that teachers’ trade unions should keep up the fight for better salaries as better remuneration has been shown to improve job satisfaction. The study concludes that UNATU is trying to promote teachers’ performance by sensitizing the teachers about their performance, conducting regular meetings with teachers, and visiting schools to listen to teachers’ issues about their performance. It can also be concluded that UNATU provides ways for in-service training teachers by calling for pieces of training, informing teachers about the importance of training, and conducting research about the new ways that teachers need to be trained in. The study recommends that the government should effectively listen to UNATU issues on how to improve their performance in schools and this will also improve teacher’s welfare in schools. More educational facilities should be provided by the government such as ICT facilities to the secondary schools for the preparation of teachers so that they can be well equipped in the use of computers. This will aid the teachers to perform more in their duties and improve their motivation levels.
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    The Use of Orature in the Depiction of the Conflict Between the Luo and the Lang’o in the Play Lwanda Magere by Okoiti Omtatah.
    (Kabale University, 2024) Tayebwa, Shyness
    The study examined the use of orature in the depiction of the conflict between the Luo and the Lang’o in the play Lwanda Magere by Okoiti Omtatah. The study was guided by objectives which were to analyze how Omtatah employs elements of orature such as songs, proverbs, riddles, myths, rituals, and storytelling techniques to depict the Luo-Lang’o conflict in the play Lwanda Magere, to examine how the depiction of conflict between the Luo and Lang'o in the play Lwanda Magere through orature contributes to the understanding of inter-community relations, power dynamics, and socio-political tensions and to explore the causes of conflict within the Luo and Lang'o communities as portrayed through the orature in the play Lwanda Magere. The study was based on critical and in-depth internalization of the play, careful reading of relevant books, authentic use of journals and articles and accurately relating them to the topic of study. The study adopted a descriptive approach that helped in analyzing information in a systematic way in order to come up with useful recommendations and conclusions on the use of orature. The play Lwanda Magere acts as the main research instrument and the use of documentary guides has been successfully incorporated. The data was analyzed through descriptive and textual analysis. It thus affirmed that the use of orature in depicting conflict is manifested through storytelling, proverbs, and sayings. This research allowed us to understand the degree to which orature helps in cultural preservation and imparts moral lessons to society. It proved that Omtatah impacts society through orature because the play Lwanda Magere is profound, enriching the narrative with cultural authenticity, mythological depth, moral complexity, and audience engagement. Through the use of oral tradition and storytelling, the play brings to life the legend of Lwanda Magere in a way that resonates with audiences and honors the oral heritage of the Luo people. All this was discussed in the subsequent chapters of this research report.
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    Impact of Continuous Assessment on Pupils’ Academic Performance in Primary Schools in Southern Division Kabale Municipality. Kabale: Kabale University.
    (Kabale University, 2024) Tumwesigye, Gidion
    The study was about the effect of continuous assessment on pupils ‘academic performance in primary schools in the Southern division, of Kabale Municipality. The study was carried out in four randomly selected primary schools in the Southern division, the study objectives were; to find out the continuous assessment strategies used by teachers in primary schools in the Southern division, to evaluate how continuous assessment is used in primary schools in Southern division, to find out what problems teachers and schools face when using continuous assessment and how they can do better. The researcher used Descriptive survey designs in collecting the data. A descriptive survey design was used in collecting the data to describe schools and respondents in the case study schools. A total sample of 100 was selected to participate in the study. The researcher used both questionnaires and interviews to collect the necessary data about the subject. The data collected was analyzed by using both qualitative and quantitative techniques and presented in tables, frequencies, and percentages. The study revealed that there is a diverse range of assessment methods, including quizzes, assignments, projects, peer assessment, and self-assessment. The researcher concluded that the findings from the study provided a comprehensive understanding of continuous assessment practices and challenges in primary schools within the Southern division of Kabale Municipality. The research recommended that Schools and education authorities should explore strategies to alleviate time constraints on teachers, such as streamlining administrative tasks, providing additional support staff, or adjusting curriculum requirements to allow for more flexible assessment schedules.
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    Effect of Teacher-Pupil Ratio on Academic Performance of Pupils in Selected Primary Schools in Kabale Municipality.
    (Kabale University, 2024) Turyahabwe, Frank
    The study was about the effect of teacher-pupils ratio on Pupils' academic performance in primary schools in Kabale Municipality. The study was guided by three objectives which were: to find out the teacher; pupil ratio in primary schools in Kabale municipality, to find out the factors affecting the academic performance of pupils in primary schools in Kabale Municipality, to establish the effect of teacher-pupil ratio on the academic performance of pupils in primary schools in Kabale municipality. A targeted population of 103 respondents was considered for the study. These included the pupils, teachers, and head teachers. Both simple random and purposive sampling techniques were used in identifying the study sample size. The methods that were used in data collection included questionnaires, observation, and interviews. Data collected was edited, coded, entered into the computer, and analyzed with Excel, a Microsoft statistical package, the results were presented in tables. The study showed the factors affecting the academic performance of pupils in primary schools in Kabale Municipality and these included performance Pressure accounting 18(17.4%), family Background by 19(18.4%), learning Infrastructure by 25(24.2%), difficulty in Understanding accounted 14(13.5), teacher-Student Ratio by 22(21.3%). The study findings on how the teacher-pupil ratio influences academic performance in primary included student Engagement accounted 18(17.8%), classroom management by 15 (14.5%), resource allocation by 17(16.5%), and timely feedback by 11(10.6%). The study further found that the effect of teacher-pupil ratio on the academic performance of pupils in primary schools as classes of 20 pupils or less accounted for 18(17.4%), reduced repetition and dropouts Small class sizes narrowed the achievement gap (17.5%), quality of education is much better when pupil-teacher ratio is low by 12(11.6%). The study further concluded that the teacher-pupil ratio is low and affects the academic performance of pupils in primary schools in Kabale municipality.. The study recommends that further studies should be carried out on the other factors affecting the academic performance of pupils.
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    Effects of Instructional Materials on the Academic Performance of Learners in Selected Primary Schools in Kabale Municipality.
    (2024) Turyakira, Josephat
    The study examined the effects of instructional materials on the academic performance of learners in selected primary schools in Kabale Municipality. The study was carried out in three randomly selected primary schools in Kabale Municipality, the study objectives were; to explore the views of teachers and learners on the extent to which instructional facilities affect student performance, to examine the challenges that learners in primary schools face in accessing instructional materials, to assess the strategies that teachers use to minimize the challenges of attaining and using quality instructional materials. The researcher used descriptive survey designs in collecting the data. A descriptive survey design was used in collecting the data to describe schools and respondents in the study schools. A total sample of 100 respondents was selected to participate in the study. The researcher used both questionnaires and interview guides in collecting the necessary data about the topic. The data collected was analyzed by using both qualitative and quantitative techniques and presented in tables, frequencies, and percentages. In the findings, the challenges were discussed in terms of their potential impact on student performance and academic achievement. The researcher concluded that efforts should be made to improve infrastructure in primary schools, including providing reliable electricity, internet connectivity, and appropriate storage facilities for instructional materials. The researcher recommended that policymakers and education authorities should prioritize allocating sufficient funds to primary schools to ensure adequate access to instructional materials. This includes budgets for purchasing textbooks, technology, and other resources essential for effective teaching and learning.
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    Assessing the Impact of Inclusive Education on Children with Disabilities in Kisoro Municipality.
    (Kabale University, 2024) Tusingwire, Hope
    The study assessed the impact of inclusive education on children with disabilities in Kisoro Municipality. The objectives of the study were; to assess the socio-cultural factors affecting the use of inclusive education on children with disabilities in selected primary schools of Kisoro Municipality.to examine the economic factors affecting use of inclusive education on children with disabilities in selected primary schools of Kisoro Municipality and to examine the environmental factors affecting inclusive education on children with visual impairment in selected primary schools of Kisoro Municipality. The findings of the study revealed that most of the respondents were between the ages of 18 and 25 years. Teachers, parents, caregivers and children mentioned hearing impairment, visual and speech difficulty. A much smaller percentage (50-65%) mentioned learning and multiple difficulties. Very few respondents (1-5%) could mention other types of disability like autism, or mental disabilities. The study concluded that the concept of all-inclusive education means welcoming all children, without discrimination, into regular or ordinary schools. Indeed, it is a focus on creating environments responsive to the differing developmental capacities, needs, and potentials of all children. Inclusion means a shift in services from simply trying to fit the child into 'normal settings'; it is a supplemental support for their disabilities or special needs and promoting the child's overall development in an optimal setting. It calls for respect for differences and diversity of individual characteristics and needs. This has to include a consideration of overall organization, curriculum, classroom practice, support for learning, and staff development. The study recommended that In the schools studied, the number of teachers was between 0-2. Sometimes a teacher with special needs would be allocated to certain class and it would be impossible to give support to other children in other classes. The government should include a module on Special needs in the training of all teachers so that they all know what to do. The teachers need to be equipped with the concept of all-inclusive education in order to understand the differences between children with and without disabilities. Such opportunities would help teachers understand that all children can learn if they are given the chance.
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    Impact of Continuous Assessment on Pupils Performance at PLE in Kisoro District: A Case Study of Rwabara Primary School.
    (Kabale University, 2024) Twahirwa, Stephen
    The study investigated the impact of continuous assessment on pupils’ performance at PLE in Kisoro district– a case study of Rwabara primary school. The study was based on the following objectives; to assess the impact, examine the contributions, and identify strategies for improving continuous assessment of pupils’ performance in PLE. The researcher used a simple descriptive design while questionnaires and interviews were used for gathering data from respondents. The study found out that the major effects of continuous assessment on pupils’ performance in PLE are; that it enables pupils to master the content, helps in identifying weak students who can be improved, and builds the whole mind of pupils as they prepare for final examinations and encouraging pupils learn to revise from time to time which increases retention and memorization. A moderate number of respondents argued that continuous assessment is time-consuming and may slow syllabus completion. End-of-term exams, daily homework, and weekly tests were the major forms of continuous assessments used in primary schools in Rwabara Primary School in the Kisoro district. The study recommended that school administrators should strengthen their role in the inspection so that teachers can conduct regular assessments as the curriculum requires, the government of Uganda through the Ministry of Education and Sports should hold regular training for teachers so that they can acquire more knowledge about modern methods of continuous assessment of pupils in PLE, school administrators such as head teachers should effectively motivate teachers through recognition, giving attractive allowances, fair salaries so that they can be inspired to work effectively towards of education goals.
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    Impact of Sexual Harassment on Pupils Academic Performance in Selected Primary Schools of Kitumba Sub-County Kabale District.
    (Kabale University, 2024) Twesigomwe, Rossette
    The study examined the impact of sexual harassment on pupils' academic performance in selected primary schools of Kitumba sub-county, Kabale district. The Study followed research objectives which were to identify different forms of sexual harassment on pupils' academic performance, to assess the impact of sexual harassment on pupils’ academic performance, and to suggest possible intervention measures to reduce sexual harassment among pupils. The methodology of the study was a descriptive research design using both qualitative and quantitative tools. A sample size of 80 respondents was selected from respondents of primary schools of Kitumba sub-county, Kabale district. The findings of the study revealed that female respondents were highly represented with the study and they were marked with 71%, allows rape with 20% among the major cause of sexual harassment which affects pupils' academic performance in primary schools, 22% revealed that decline in academic performance due to sexual harassment. Based on the results obtained in this study, it is recommended that based on study objectives, the study included that there were different forms of sexual harassment on pupils' academic performance as they included; Defilement, Indecent, Assault, Personal ethnocultural, Bad touches, Rape, Sexual harassment and Sexualized conversations. There were also different impacts of sexual harassment on pupils’ academic performance in primary schools of Kitumba sub-county in Kabale district such as sexual harassment harms pupils' life, Tantrums, Decreased academic performance, Changes pupils thinking capacity, Physical injuries, Fear, Decreases self-esteem among pupils and Distressed mind among pupils were the key impacts of impact of sexual harassment on pupil’s academic performance in primary schools of Kitumba sub-county in Kabale district. School-related gender-based violence is a global phenomenon that knows no geographical, ethnic economic, social, cultural, or other boundaries. School-related gender-based violence or abuse is based on gendered stereotypes that target pupils based on their sex, sexuality, or gender identities. It happens around all societies and symbolizes a brutal violation of human rights most especially for the weaker sex. It also happens in schools where parents and guardians feel that their children are safe and protected. The study recommends that; Concerning the effects of sexual harassment on school-going pupils in selected schools of the Kitumba sub-county Kabale district, there is a decline in academic performance and psychological and physical effects. The introduction of sensitization programs for both teachers and pupils would be helpful for both parties to understand what pupil-related gender-based violence is all about. This can help perpetrators to know that what they are doing is wrong and that there are serious consequences that can be faced if the issue is brought to light. The victims can also stop living in fear and it can help them to boost their morale and in turn, accomplish academic achievements.
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    The Impact of Disciplining Students on Their Performance in Secondary Schools in Kabale Municipality Kabale District.
    (Kabale University, 2024) Twinomugisha, Innocent
    The study examined the impact of disciplining students on their performance in secondary school students in Kabale Municipality Kabale district. The objectives of the study were, to identify the effect of disciplining students on the performance of selected secondary school students, to examine the impacts of indiscipline on students in secondary school students, and to assess the possible solutions for indiscipline among students in selected secondary school students. The study used a descriptive research design and data was collected using interviews and questionnaires. The study impacts of disciplining students on their performance selected secondary school students, the highest number of the respondents mentioned that indiscipline leads to poor performance in schools while the least number of the respondents mentioned that it leads to accidents. Other respondents mentioned that students may be, expelled from school, or delayed in completion of the syllabus, The study results on the impacts of disciplining students on their performance in selected secondary school students in inKabale municipality Kabale district, the highest number of respondents mentioned that teachers tend to be role models to the learners, the lowest number of respondents mentioned that teachers are expected to have specific objectives which help them to choose a relevant content and that the teacher helps to identify appropriate teaching and learning resources, other respondents mentioned that they also contribute to the building of better characters among the students, that teachers help in the importation of knowledge to students and that they help to select suitable methods to help achieve the objectives and determine areas and methods of assessments. The study results on methods of teaching used to enhance moral development in selected secondary school students in Kabale Municipality, Kabale district, the highest number of respondents mentioned the use of instructional methods, the lowest number of respondents talked of exchanging ideas, other respondents mentioned group planning activities, use of films, video and taped audios presentations and storytelling. The study recommended that educators especially district officials should make visits to the schools to ensure that teachers they should also ensure that teachers use the recommended resources of teaching rather than the commercial revision materials aimed at passing examinations.
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    Post Covid-19 Strategies and Pupils' Academic Performance in Rubuguri Town Council Kisoro District.
    (Kabale University, 2024) Twesigye, Posiano
    This descriptive study investigated the effectiveness of post-COVID-19 strategies implemented in primary schools within Rubuguri Town Council, Kisoro District. A descriptive research design was employed to provide a framework for interpreting the findings and understanding the current status of educational phenomena in the context of the pandemic. Simple random sampling was utilized to select schools, pupils, and teachers from the targeted population, ensuring representativeness and minimizing bias. Purposive sampling techniques were employed to select head teachers, recognizing their unique position as school administrators. Data collection methods included surveys, interviews, and document analysis, allowing for a comprehensive exploration of the research topic. The study found that a diverse range of post-COVID-19 strategies, including digital learning platforms, community engagement initiatives, and teacher professional development programs, had been implemented to address the challenges posed by the pandemic. The effectiveness of these strategies was evaluated through quantitative and qualitative analyses, revealing varying degrees of success and areas for improvement. The findings underscored the importance of ongoing assessment and refinement of post-COVID-19 strategies to optimize outcomes and ensure the continued education and well-being of students. Recommendations for future research and practice were provided, highlighting the need for longitudinal studies to assess long-term impacts and comparative analyses to identify effective practices across diverse contexts. Overall, this study contributed to the growing body of knowledge on post-pandemic education and informed evidence-based decision-making for educational stakeholders in Rubuguri Town Council, Kisoro District, and beyond.
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    Effects of Covid-19 Pandemic on School Dropout in Selected Primry Schools in Nyarusiza Sub-County Kisoro District.
    (Kabale University, 2024) Sibo, Dusabe Chris Jackson
    The study focused on the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on school dropout in selected primary schools in the Nyarusiza sub-county Kisoro district. The study followed research objectives, which were to determine the effects of COVID-19 on school enrollment in primary Schools Kisoro district, to explore the challenges facing pupils at PLE due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and to suggest a possible solution to the challenges facing the pupils at PLE due to COVID19 pandemic. The research was conducted using a descriptive research design and included both qualitative and quantitative data. A sample size of 30 respondents was drawn from schools in the Nyarusiza sub-county Kisoro district. The findings of the study revealed that male respondents were highly represented in the study by 56.7%; married respondents were also highly represented by 64%; and 33.3% showed that Reduced pupil ration in Countries which forced to adopt quarantine measures was the major effect of Covid-19 on school enrollment., The recommendations of the study included the following: The government should increase spending for immediate health-related expenditures such as supplies including masks, gloves, and other personally productive equipment, in addition to ICU beds (as Uganda currently has only 55 functional ICU beds, resulting in approximately 1.3 ICU beds per million Ugandans) and ventilators. Also, the government should ensure that some of this health sector budget reallocation is also earmarked to support non-coronavirus health concerns, from basic to emergency healthcare. Large-scale testing is necessary to address the pandemic and treat the sick. Without this, the economic and social impact is likely to be prolonged and compound the problem. Innovative approaches could be used such as applications of artificial intelligence in high-risk/high-traffic sites to enhance COVID-19 detection efficiency while protecting medical staff and the general public from cross-infections The government should establish a physical and automated platform for coordination and resource mobilization for support to the poor pupils and the most vulnerable groups affected by COVID-19-related lockdown.
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    Teacher Professional Development on Students Learning and Academic Performance: A Case Study of Selected Schools in Rubanda Town Council.
    (Kabale University, 2024) Owomugisha, Edith
    The study focused on teacher professional development on students' learning and academic performance. A case study of selected schools in Rubanda town council following the study objectives which were; to establish the impact of teachers' professional development on pupils’ academic performance in primary schools in Rubanda town council, Rubanda District, to find out the challenge to teacher professional development in primary schools in Rubanda town council, Rubanda District and to identify the way of strengthening teacher professional development in primary schools of Rubanda town council, Rubanda District. Data collection tools included interviews and questionnaires. The findings of the study revealed that there were impacts of Teacher professional development on pupils’ academic performance as they included; Teacher effectiveness increases pupil's performance, High performing schools took more interest in staff training programs, Training provides knowledge and skills to improve and encourages better performance and quality output, Teacher training programs promote knowledge on choice and use of effective teaching methods, Training had visible influence in student academic achievement and Trained teacher receiving students from untrained teacher can facilitate excellent academic gain for his/her students during the school. Findings of the study also found that there were challenges faced due to teacher professional development which included; Corruption and Embezzlement of Public Funds, Inadequate Funds from the government , Negative Attitudes by teachers, Lack of proper training, and low level of education, Family background, and Inadequate and irregular training of teachers. The finding shows that there were ways of strengthening teacher professional development including; ensuring the sustainability of the teaching service, Through in-service upgrading, the Government providing adequate training skills, delegation of responsibilities, encouraging head teachers to reward more professional teachers, and access to teaching and reading materials. The study concluded that continuing education is one of the many important concerns in education; in-service teacher education is a critical issue not only for improving pupil performance but also for improving the productive value of schools. The findings of the study conclude that there were several important observations that are essential to ensure that teachers and students are equally productive. The data produced by this study shows that schools are not working to keep their faculty fit for the challenges of generations to come. The findings could suggest that school leaders take their teachers’ professional training seriously if they want to continually elevate their pupils’ achievement.
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    Computer Technology and Students’ Social Cultural Values in Selected Secondary Schools in Kabale District.
    (Kabale University, 2024) Ninsiima, Comfort
    This study utilizes a descriptive research design that integrates quantitative and qualitative methodologies to investigate how technology affects cultural beliefs and social behaviors among secondary students in selected schools within the Kabale District. The research encompasses 20 students, 5 administrators, and 5 IT teachers, ensuring representation across key stakeholders in the educational setting. Structured surveys are employed to collect quantitative data, focusing on the frequency of technology usage, perceived positive and negative impacts, and home access to technology. Additionally, in-depth interviews are conducted with administrators and IT teachers to gather qualitative insights into the integration of technology and its influence on students' socio-cultural values. The main objectives of the study are to examine the dual impact of technology on students' socio-cultural values and to propose strategies for balanced technology integration that respects cultural heritage and ethical principles. Through a combined approach of surveys and interviews, the research aims to explore the complex relationship between technology use and cultural beliefs, illuminating how digital tools shape social behaviors and cultural identity among secondary students. By employing a mixed-methods approach, this study aims to offer a comprehensive understanding of the diverse impacts of technology on socio-cultural values in secondary education. The findings from this research endeavor have the potential to inform educational policies, guide curriculum development, and influence teaching practices, with the overarching aim of promoting a harmonious integration of technology that upholds cultural diversity and ethical considerations.
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    Assessment of E-Learning in Institutions of Higher Learning in Uganda, A Case Study at Kabale University.
    (Kabale University, 2024) Nabaasa, Scovia
    The study aimed to assess the impact of e-learning at Kabale University and was conducted on-site. Quantitative methods were employed for data collection and analysis. Data were gathered through questionnaires and interviews. Results indicated that both students and lecturers utilized e-learning for studying and delivering the curriculum. However, they encountered various challenges during its implementation, prompting the institution to implement measures to mitigate these issues. Additionally, several favorable factors supporting e-learning were identified at Kabale University.
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    Designing and Testing of a Simple Solar Still for Thermal Desalination.
    (Kabale University, 2024) Mujuni, Alex
    The demand for fresh water production is increasing due to global population growth and industrial expansion. Desalination technology is being increasingly utilized to meet this demand. Solar stills, among various desalination methods, are favored for their low maintenance and affordability, although their output is limited. This study aims to develop and test a straightforward solar still suitable for domestic thermal desalination. Materials such as plastic sheets will be employed to create an efficient water purification system. Additionally, a collection system ensures that condensed water is diverted away from the contaminated source to prevent recontamination. A thermometer will monitor ambient temperature, while rocks or bricks inside the solar still will enhance surface area for better condensation efficiency. The findings demonstrated that using a black basin resulted in 25ml of purified water, whereas a smaller green basin yielded 20ml. This indicates that the black basin's heat absorption accelerated the evaporation rate, thereby increasing water production.
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    Effect of School Welfare on English Teachers’ Job Satisfaction in the Selected Secondary Schools in Kabale Municipality.
    (Kabale University, 2024) Katwesigye, Kevin
    The research investigated how school welfare impacts the job satisfaction of English teachers in selected secondary schools in Kabale Municipality. The study aimed to determine the influence of housing, provision of meals, and access to medical care on English teachers' job satisfaction. A cross-sectional survey methodology was employed, using questionnaires and interviews for data collection. Regarding the effect of housing on job satisfaction, the findings indicated that adequate and affordable housing significantly contributes to the overall well-being of English teachers, thereby enhancing job satisfaction. Proximity of housing to the school also positively affects job satisfaction by allowing teachers more time to prepare lesson plans and teach effectively. In terms of meals provided, the study revealed that providing meals to English teachers contributes to their job satisfaction by saving time that would otherwise be spent sourcing meals outside of school. Additionally, nutritious meals contribute to the well-being of teachers, thereby enhancing their satisfaction in the workplace. Regarding access to medical care, the research found that providing medical care promotes a sense of security and peace of mind among English teachers, which positively influences their job satisfaction. Access to medical care enables teachers to address their health needs effectively, further enhancing job satisfaction. Based on these findings, the study recommended that educational associations and teacher unions advocate for housing support and policies that promote work-life balance at regional and national levels. It also suggested implementing wellness programs focusing on healthy lifestyles, including exercise, nutrition, and stress management, to improve the overall well-being and job satisfaction of English teachers.
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    A Mathematical Model for the Transimission Dynamics of Malaria in Western Uganda: A Case Study of Kabale District.
    (Kabale University, 2024) Ayebare, Docus
    The aim of this research was to construct a mathematical framework describing the transmission dynamics of malaria in western Uganda. Malaria persists as one of the most widespread and deadly human infections globally, caused by the Plasmodium parasite and transmitted by female Anopheles mosquitoes during blood feeding. The mathematical model utilized in this study was structured upon the SIER framework. The model incorporated an analysis of both disease-free and endemic equilibrium points to assess their stability. Employing a matrix-based approach, the basic reproduction number R0 was calculated to quantify disease transmission dynamics. The findings indicate that the disease-free equilibrium of the model is stable locally and globally when R0 is less than 1. Conversely, the endemic equilibrium solution of the model was demonstrated to be globally asymptotically stable when R0 exceeds 1.
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    Effect of Population Growth on Climate Change in Nyakishenyi Sub-County Rukungiri District Uganda.
    (Kabale University, 2024) Arinda, Nicholus
    The study examined the impact of population growth and climate change in Rukungiri District, Uganda. Its objectives focused on understanding how population growth contributes to climate change in Nyakishenyi Sub County, identifying the effects of climate change on development in the same area, and exploring strategies for mitigating climate change effects. Conducted through a descriptive research design, data collection took place in February using questionnaires and interviews with a sample of 156 respondents from a target population of 256. The study revealed that poverty levels significantly influenced the effects of population growth on climate change in the Rukungiri district. Infrastructure development was also noted as contributing to climate impacts in the region. Poor agricultural productivity emerged as a key consequence of climate change, impacting both local livelihoods and the national economy through rising food prices and economic instability. The findings highlighted adaptive measures such as changing crop varieties adopted by farmers in response to climate challenges in the Rukungiri district. The study concluded that climate change impacts, including increased frequency and intensity of tropical cyclones, rising sea levels, decreased crop yields, and water shortages during dry seasons, are already prevalent rather than future threats. Urgent action on climate change is crucial, as it poses significant risks to achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The study recommended integrating comprehensive, inclusive actions across social, economic, environmental, and political spheres to sustain SDG achievements beyond 2030. The study recommended that Uganda should prioritize addressing population growth and climate change as primary development agendas in the upcoming decades to foster sustainable development. Effective leadership at national and international levels is essential to mobilize joint actions and discussions on the interplay between population dynamics and climate change. Additionally, expanding locally-led initiatives, including the National Adaptation Programs of Action, can ensure that adaptation strategies reflect local knowledge and expertise effectively.