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  • Community Information
    The collections in this Community are comprised of Indigenous Knowledge emanating from communities in the neighborhoods of Kabale University. These are communities in the great Kigezi Region.
  • Dissertations/Theses/Reports
    This community holds students (Graduates) dissertation and Thesis, Staff field reports, Students (undergraduate) study reports
  • Research Articles
    The community includes research article publications in journals both local and international, conference papers in proceedings and reports, abstracts and reviews by Kabale University Staff and Students
  • University Publications
    This community archives publications by individual University Staff and Students, Faculty and Departmental Publications (i.e. University Journal, Newsletters, University official publications etc.), groups and Association operating in the University (i.e. Convocation and Staff and Students Association}

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(Research4life, 2023-10-02) Kabale University
Additional discipline-specific resources Interdisciplinary resources
(Kabale Universty, 2023-09-29) Kabale University
Become aware of existing additional resources which are interdisciplinary and beneficial for at least two or more of Research4Life thematic topic. Understand the additional collections and how to use them.