Population growth and Socio-Economic Development in Musanze District, Rwanda.

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Kabale University


This research was carried out to assess population growth and socio-economic development in Musanze district, Rwanda. The study explored how population growth can affect either negatively or positively the social and economic development of households in Musanze District and it looked out the causes and measures to curb this high population growth. Ninety four (94) interviews with respondents were conducted. Fifteen (15) key informants were also interviewed. Simple sampling and purposive sampling methods were used. The study findings indicate that polygamy, early marriage, poverty and ignorance are the main driver of high population growth. The effects of population growth increase on socio-economic development are highly negative than positive where the respondents mentioned like poverty, unemployment, the balance of payment deficit, social conflicts and subsistence economy. As for work preference, findings revealed that population growth is still concentrated in Rural areas rather than in urban areas. The study recommends that outdated norms considered children like wealth should be rejected and labour policies be implemented in close harmony with constructive customary laws. Raising awareness about population control and capacity should continue in Musanze District.



Population Growth, Socio-Economic Development