Meeting the psycho-social needs of people with disabilities in Uganda.

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International Research Journals


The neglect of the handicapped children pushes them into risks in life. They find themselves dependent on the economically deprived adult who often has negative disposition towards them. The families of the handicapped children lack the basic needs to meet the yearnings of these children. The governments that ought to assist such families tend to give little support to the social development sector. The public, on its part oscillate between love and disaffection, and do not give sufficient attention to the problems of handicapped children. It is this situation that tends to constitute a paradox that this paper examines in relation to the psycho-social needs of handicapped children. The political economy of the environment of the handicapped children portrays a state of poverty and deprivation. This called for a joint effort of the public, and the government to rehabilitate handicapped children in the society. There is therefore the need for the formation of a more articulate social engineering to enhance the welfare of the handicapped children.



Psycho-social needs, disabilities, Uganda


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