Record Keeping Practices at Kabale University Central Registry.

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Kabale University


This study was on the record-keeping routines at Kabale University. It was guided by the following objectives namely; to establish the types of records stored at the Central Registry, to find out records preservation practices employed at the Central Registry, to examine record disposition methods used at the Central Registry, and to assess the challenges related to access of records by clients at the Central Registry. A qualitative case study research design was used and a total number of eight respondents participated in the study. Data collection methods used included; the interview method, observation method, and document review. The findings revealed that the types of records maintained at the Central Registry included; confidential and open records. they included minutes of meetings, financial statements, employment and open records containing historical records, and incoming and outgoing mail, the findings revealed that several preservation measures such as photocopying, microfilming, lamination, use of acid-free boxes, digitization, and offsite storage were very essential in record keeping in Kabale University Central Registry, the research findings revealed that disposition methods used in the Central Registry included; burning, shredding and archiving and from the research findings, it was revealed that there are several challenges associated to the access of records by clients which include; misplacement of files, loss of sums of money, lack of record keeping awareness, shortage of storage facilities, cost in managing records, the absence of legislation and policies, the lack of adequate training. The study recommends that they expand the registry or construct a bigger office that accommodates registry files, regarding the preservation methods they mostly use lamination and lack acidic-free boxes. The researcher recommends that they purchase a good-quality photocopying machine and they should adopt the use of record management systems such as the cloud, the disposition methods include burning and archiving and the researcher recommends purchasing a shredder to ease the disposition of records.



Record Keeping Practices, Kabale University, Central Registry


Asiimwe, Peter (2021). Record Keeping Practices at Kabale University Central Registry. Kabale: Kabale University.