Effects of Absenteeism on Academic Performance of Pupils in Rubuguri Town Council Kisoro District.

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Kabale University


The study focused on the findings of the effects of absenteeism on academic performance of pupils in Rubuguri town council Kisoro district. The objectives of the study were to find out the causes of absenteeism among pupils in primary schools of Rubuguri town council Kisoro district, to suggest measures to reduce the causes of absenteeism among pupils in primary schools of Rubuguri town council Kisoro district and to establish relationship between absenteeism and academic performance of pupils in primary schools of Rubuguri town council Kisoro district. There was critical review of the issues that have explored and studied both theoretically and empirically in the existing literature on of absenteeism as an independent variable and academic performance as the dependent variable and the methods of data collection were put into action. The research used both qualitative and quantitative methods of data collection and analysis. The research used simple random sampling techniques in collecting and analyzing data and was used to provide equal chances to the sample size. Purposive sampling was also used to collect data from respondents that participated in the study. Findings of the study were obtained from the field interpreting the results analyzing basing on the specific objectives of the study and chapter five portrayed the summary of findings, recommendations were made such there is need to strengthen the inspection function of the central and local governments. Effective supervision should be necessary to reduce the high teacher absence rate in public primary schools as found in Ibis study, the Ministry of Education should strengthen its inspectorate departments both at national and district level. This would involve appropriating funds, recruiting, training and motivating manpower in the key inspection positions at both central and local government levels. Civil society should also be allowed to undertake school inspections and submit reports to the education ministry for action. It was found out that due to resource constraints, the frequency of school inspections done per school on an annual basis was extremely low. It was found that 2 schools had been inspected only once in a period of one year, 5 schools in six months, 8 schools after a month and only 5 schools in a week's time by the district inspector of schools. Of the aspects of school supervision, staff absenteeism was only monitored in 4 schools, implying that the inspectors did not consider monitoring teacher absenteeism in the remaining 5 schools of Rubuguri town council.


A Research Report Submitted to the Faculty of Education in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the A Ward of Bachelor's Degree in Primary Education of Kabale University


Absenteeism ,Academic Performance , Pupils