Impact of Maziba Church of Uganda on Family Stability in Maziba Sub-County Kabale District.

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Kabale University


The study research focused on the findings of the impact of the Maziba church of Uganda on family stability in the Maziba sub-county, Kabale district. The objectives of the study were to assess the services offered by the church towards family stability, to identify challenges encountered by churches in the stability of families, and to suggest possible intervention measures for improving family stability brought by the church .. In chapter two, there was a critical review of the issues that have been explored and studied both theoretically and empirically in the existing literature on Maziba church of Uganda as an independent variable and family stability as the dependent variable. In chapter three this is where the methods of data collection were put into action. The research used both qualitative and quantitative methods of data collection and analysis. The research used simple random sampling techniques in collecting and analyzing data and was used to provide equal chances to the sample size of 80 respondents. Purposive sampling was also used to collect data from respondents who participated in the study. Findings of the study obtained from the field interpreting the results analyzing based on the specific objectives of the study and chapter five portrayed the summary of findings, the study concludes that the Maziba church of Uganda parish like any other church needs to manifest itself as an advocate of social change. For bringing effective social change the priority is to eradicate all kinds of discrimination in the society and family at large, empowerment of women is the first thing to do. No doubt, the poorest women are the most disadvantaged section of society, especially because they do not have access to information and resources. So they are lagging in the process of development. Maziba church would like to involve these women and enhance their participation in the development process and the study also recommends that church leader works together with their government counterparts who have done tremendous work. Many churches have not only grown in size but have also developed infrastructures for research, training, and demonstration of alternative methods for increasing rural income. Many successful church activities on family welfare have actively participated in the development of society by creating employment opportunities and livelihood for the poor section of the society on the family stability with Maziba sub-county Kabale district



Impact, Maziba Anglican Church, Family Stability, Maziba Sub-County, Kabale District


Akancungura, Albert (2023). Impact of Maziba Church of Uganda on Family Stability in Maziba Sub-County Kabale District. Kabale: Kabale University.