Sports and Games Union Policy

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dc.descriptionSports is an important activity, is the process of nation building, the role of sports in society can be summarized as follows. a) Building the physical anatomy of the body for both the young and the old b) Promoting teamwork and discipline given that many sports have strict rules and regulations c) Encouraging patriotism, closer social harmony and the world outlook. d) Fundamental life skills, sports is rich in values and virtues that help shape participating athletes into more productive self-worth and confident citizens. Such values as untiring work ethic-hard work endurance , perseverance , discipline ,leadership, how to follow , communication commitment time management , reliability, sportsmanship , responsibility , confidence character, creativity , socialization, motivation unselfishness/teamwork, self-awareness and alertness, how to handle adversity of losses and how to accept winning and losing graciously , among many other values are what sports help to instill into the participating athlete.en_US
dc.description.abstractThe role of sports, its usefulness in society, to the individual and the nation has always been emphasized in Uganda. However, Sports have been under developed both in terms of scope and quality of which Kabale University is not an exception. The Sports Policy will address the major obstacles in the development of this sector at Kabale University. The administration of Kabale University needs to commit itself by providing appropriate budget for sports in principle, to cater for the educational component as well as for the students and University athletes who are flag bearer of the University. The need to improve the planning management and administration of sports is emphasized and the issue of accountability and transparency is paramount. The underlying principles for the sports policy is that it is an integral part of the University development process and will therefore reinforce the overall development objectives of Kabale University. The justification of the Sports Policy is based on two premises: a) The increasing demand for better performance, funding management, administration, transparency and accountability in sports. b)The benefits of sports to the University itself Management and administration of sports is supplemented by the involvement of Kabale University sports and Games Union (KABSGU). KABSGU mobilizes students , recruits players , coordinates, runs and is engaged in several sports activities like inter-hostel competitions , intramural competition , Inter-university competitions (volleyball, basketball and Netball. It also engages the students Guild and University staff specially the vice- chancellor, University secretary, Director of Finance, Dean of student and academic Registrar for guidance and wise counsel. Kabale University is affiliated to several national sports bodies like; federation of Uganda Football Association (FUFA), Uganda volleyball federation (UVF), National University’s Sports federation of Uganda (NUSFU), East African University’s sports federation (EASF) Uganda Netball Federation (UNF), Federation of Uganda Basketball Association ( FUBA) amongst others. Kabale University directly operates under ministry of education and sports (MOES) as well as the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE). Sports in Kabale University is popularized through established teams with formal structures under Kabale University sports and Games Union.However, maximum participation is limited and hindered by lack of access to sufficient funds, playing facilities, equipment and modern training facilities. The University sports policy will be effective in creating a fair, healthy, united, disciplined and productive University community. Strategies that have to be developed to achieve the policy objectives include; a) Improve planning management, sustain and effectively manage sports funds, and administration of sports in the University. b) Improve access to and the quality of sports in the university. c) Identify and develop a cadre of high performing talented students on a sustainable basis. d) Rally community moral and other support towards sports and games in Kabale University. Keywords: Sports, Games, Union Policy, Kabale Universityen_US
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dc.titleSports and Games Union Policyen_US


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