Constitution of Kabale University Administrative Staff Association (KUADSA)

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Kabale University


whereas Kabale University Administrative Staff (hereinafter referred to as the staff) need an opportunity for the staff to associate in the interest of the staff and the university; realizing that it is through cooperation that the staff shall attain their objectives; whereas the staff undertake to associate and/or execute the activities of the association, the staff shall be bound to comply with the provisions as stipulated herein. realizing that the universities and other tertiary institutions act 2001 (as amended) under section 68 provides for the existence of an administrative staff association in a public university; the staff hereby resolve to form kabale university administrative staff association (KUADSA). Keywords: Constitution, Administrative Staff, Association, Kabale University


After the adoption and registration of this Constitution with relevant authorities and published as may be approved by the General assembly, no amendment shall be effected on any provision of this constitution unless: a) a KUADSA member has proposed and justified an amendment by written request submitted through the General Secretary b) a written notice of at least thirty (30) days has been issued to the KUADSA members stating the subject matter of the proposed amendment c) the amendment has been debated and adopted by a two-thirds (2/3) majority of paid-up members present and voting at an Annual General Assembly, or at an Extra-ordinary General Assembly convened for this purpose d) within 30 days after the amendment, the General Secretary shall communicate the amendment to the University Authority.


Constitution, Administrative Staff, Association, Kabale University