Design and Prototyping of a Pineapple Juice Extraction Machine.

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Kabale University


Basically, the essence of this report is to design and develop a machine from available resources capable of extracting at least 60 liters of pineapple juice per hour, specifically for local fames in Nyamukana village, Ntungamo district. The pineapple juice extraction machine was constructed to assist these farmers in processing their pineapples after harvesting following challenges they face like poor handling methods viz, use of hands and manual extractors to squeeze juice and inadequate space for storage of the harvested fruits. The machine was designed to use electricity as a source of power to the AC motor which provides rotational speed to the auger shaft through the pulley and belt system. This system plays two important roles. One is to transmit torque from the motor to the shaft and the second one is to reduce speed. It acts as a speed reducer mechanism instead of using gearbox. This was achieved by connecting a pulley of small diameter on the motor shaft and a bigger pulley on the auger. The machine consists of various components like the hopper, which receives the fruit, the screw/auger shaft, which will crush and squeeze the juice, a sieve to filter the turbid solution, a cylindrical barrel that houses the extraction component and a frame to support the entire assembly. On one end of the cylinder is a pulp exit cover with slots. These allow the residue pulp to squeeze through to the sliding channel. In fact, few residues about 10% were expected because the pineapple tissues or fibers can be crushed into pulp or turbid solution, which can be filtered to obtain the clear juice The general objective during the study was; to develop an easy to operate, and effective pineapple juice extraction machine for small output This was guided by four specific objectives that is; to develop a conceptual design and layout of the machine, to determine the design parameters and size the components, to carry out design analysis and simulation of the components and the last one was to prototype the juice extraction machine. The methods included library search, field surveys, internet search and interviews. Reviewing design parameters of different scholars to come up with the conceptual design and developing the layout by use of SOLID WORKS. The design for different major components was carried out while others were just selected. Stress analysis and simulations were also performed to study the behavior of the shaft.




Kyazze, Sulaiman (2023). Design and Prototyping of a Pineapple Juice Extraction Machine. Kabale: Kabale University.