The Effect of Poverty on The Social Welfare of Households in Kyanamira Sub-County Kabale District.

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Kabale University


This research study, titled "The UTect or Poverty on the Social Welfare of households in Kyanamira Sub County, Kabale District," aimed to investigate the multifaceted impact of poverty on the social welfare or households in a rural context. The study's objectives included identifying factors contributing to poverty. examining the consequences of poverty on social welfare, and exploring strategies for poverty alleviation. l·'.mploying a mixed-methods approach, structured questionnaires, and semi-structured interviews were utilized to collect data from an 80-household representative sample in Kyanamira Sub County. The findings revealed that a significant proportion or households in the area r·aced low and unstable incomes primarily derived from subsistence farming and casu:il labor. leading to challenges in meeting basic needs. Limited access to quality education, inadequate healthcare services, food insecurity, and restricted access to basic services were identified as key consequences of poverty, all of which negatively impacted social welfare. The study concluded by recommending a multifaceted approach. including income diversification, improved education 11ccess, healthcare infrastructure enhancement, targeted food security interventions, and vocational training to empower youth and enhance employment opportunities. These recommendations underscored the importance or tailored, community¬specific interventions in addressing poveny and improving the well-being of rural households.



Effect, Poverty, Social Welfare, Households, Kyanamira Sub-County Kabale District


Natukunda, Barnabas (2023). The Effect of Poverty on The Social Welfare of Households in Kyanamira Sub-County Kabale District. Kabale: Kabale University.