Ecology of schooling: Enabling school environment for student engagement in Uganda’s Universal Secondary Education

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International Journal of Educational Policy Research and Review


Using the Mixed method, we examine the relationship between the school environment and student engagement in USE schools in Uganda. Most study participants agree that the environment in USE schools is generally conducive. There isa positive relationship between the school environment and student engagement although this relationship is still low. This means that student engagement in school activities cannot depend on only the school environment. There are a host of other factors that influence student engagement which the school authority needs to know and utilize in order to improve student engagement. Management of USE schools should provide for counseling and guidance services as well as supporting the integration of values in schools. The Government should construct good libraries and provideup-to-date learning materials like textbooks plus any other reading materials. Government shouldalsorecruit experienced and quality teachers into the USE schools, as well as constructing modern science laboratories to support the teaching of science disciplines.



School environment, student engagement, schooling, universal secondary schools