Design and Construction of An Electric Bell.

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Kabale University


The main aim of this project was to construct an electric bell from locally available materials which function using electro-magnetism thereby converting theoretical knowledge to practical knowledge. The following were the materials during the construction; soft iron material, connecting wire, hummer, dry cells, nails, pyan, wooden board, and infinitely long copper wire. The infinitely long copper wire was wound on the soft iron material to form an electromagnet. The pyan was fixed into the wooden board to form the armature. The bell which acts as the gong was fixed on the wooden board and the nail which acts as the hummer was fixed in the pyan. The battery holder of four battery cells was made using wood. The positive terminal is connected to one end of the electromagnet and the negative terminal to the switch which is connected to the armature, and the other side of the electromagnet is connected to the contact screw hence making the circuit complete. When the switch is closed, current flows through the circuit which makes the electro-magnet become magnetized hence attracting the armature thus the hammer hits the gong. This produces a repetitive sound until when the switch is turned off and no current is flowing



Design, Construction, Electric Bell


Ndyanabo, Donard (2020). Design and Construction of An Electric Bell. Kabale: KAbale University.