Quality assurance policies and instructors’ planning in vocational training institutions in Lango sub Region Northern Uganda

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International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development


The quality of the learners from Vocational training institutions have come under scrutiny. This study examined the contribution of quality assurance policies and instructors planning in improving the performance of learners from vocational training institutions. The study design used was descriptive and analytical in nature, using both quantitative and qualitative approaches. A sample of 406 respondents participated in the study. The study found a relationship between quality assurance policies and instructor’s planning of instruction (r = .508; sig. <.05) is moderate and significant. The (Adjusted R Square = .256) indicates that the development and design of quality assurance policies in vocational institutions investigated is capable of improving the instructor’s planning methods of instruction by 25.6%. The study recommends that the organs responsible for designing and developing policies that are aimed at improving the teaching and learning vocational skills should endeavor to engage the input of instructors who are indeed the grassroots implementers of such policies. There is still need for the government to consider revising salaries of instructors in vocational institutions, Salaries should be commensurate to the skills offered by technical instructors at all levels



quality assurance, planning instructions, TVET