Public Procurement Governance: Toward an Anti-corruption Framework for Public Procurement inUganda

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Springer Nature Switzerland


The quest for good governance appears to have tormented humankind for several hundred thousand years and this threatens to remain so for the next several years. The greed by people against fellow people and the broader collective interests of society seem to be unending. Indeed, corruption has remained a key roadblock to the quest for good governance and it remains a thorn unless concrete actions are undertaken. The quest for good governance will not be possible unless renewed coordinated efforts on the fight against corruption are initiated and implemented. Corruption takes many forms and a bribe (which is one of the forms) corrupts the conscience of humankind (Exodus, 23:8) to do acts that benefit only self at the expense of society. Bribes bring chaos (Amos, 5:12) and they thus merit punishment (Amos, 2:6).



Public Procurement Governance, Anti-corruption Framework for Public Procurement