Remedial Education and Academic Performance in Primary Schools: A Case Study of Kashambya Sub-County in Rukiga District.

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Kabale University


This study was about remedial education and academic performance in primary schools. A case study of Kashambya sub-county. It was guided by three specific objectives that included; Investigating the contributions of remedial teaching towards pupils' academic performance, Finding om the forms of remedial teaching applied in Kashambya Sub County, and Determining the relationship between remedial teaching and academic performance of pupils in Kashambya sub county. The study adopted a cross-sectional research design that was approached with a mixed approach of qualitative and quantitative approaches. Using questionnaires and interview guide instruments, data was collected from 50 respondents that included 5 head teachers, 17 teachers, and 28 pupils from selected five primary schools in Kashambya Sub County. The collected data was scrutinized and analyzed using an Excel computer package and presented in the form of tables indicating frequencies and percentages in Microsoft Word. The first study objective revealed that schools in Kashambya Sub County were conducting remedial education with 52% of respondents indicating that it develops better learning results as a contribution toward pupils' academic performance The second study objective revealed that private tutoring was the major form of remedial education practiced as represented by a 60% response The third study objective revealed that there was a relationship between the variables. The notion was supported by 44% of the study participants identifying that Students in schools that conduct remedial education are more likely to succeed than those that do not offer remedial education. The study ended by recommending to different stakeholders like the government, teachers, district inspectors pupils among others for example the government of the Republic of Uganda through its bodies such as the Ministry of Education and Sports and Ministry of Finance is recommended to put more emphasis on supporting and facilitating remedial education in primary schools so that they can be remunerated while conducting this process. The government is further recommended to legalize the program and possibly consider it on the curriculum for better performance in primary schools.



Remedial Education, Academic Performance, Primary Schools, Kashambya Sub-County, Rukiga District


Twesigye, Glorious (2022). Remedial Education and Academic Performance in Primary Schools: A Case Study of Kashambya Sub-County in Rukiga District. Kabale: Kabale University.