Epidemic Analysis and Mathematical Modelling of Influenza with Vaccination

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Kabale University


In this study, we discuss an SLIRV model developed by Jonnalagadda & Gaddam (2016) for the transmission of influenza A with vaccination using tools from ordinary differential equations. We show that if the product of the recruitment rate and the ratio of infection rate to mean latent period is less that the product the sums μ + m, μ + m and + a + y; where μ, a,y,m and 1/ware natural death rate, disease-related death rate, recovery rate, vaccination rate and mean latent period, respectively; then the disease free equilibrium will be locally and globally asymptotically stable, an indication that that disease can be eradicated from the population.


A Dissertation Submitted To the Faculty of Education in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the A Ward of Bachelor of Science with Education of Kabale University


Epidemic Analysis , Mathematical Modelling ,Influenza , Vaccination