Students Results Tracking Tool: A Case Study of Kabale Secondary school.

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Kabale University


Students' Results Tracking Tool (SRTT) is an automated system that helps schools keep proper records of their students' examination results. The computerized tool provides interfaces and other capabilities for entering students' marks through an electronic grade book. However, in today's scenario, schools mostly analyze students' results manually which takes a lot of time and effort by teaching staff to compute student results. Therefore, the general objective of this study was to develop a Students Results Tracking Tool for Kabale Secondary School that can track and analyze student results effectively and promptly. This study was guided by three specific objectives and these included; analyzing the existing methods used to track student results at Kabale Secondary School, developing an automated Students Results Tracking Tool, and testing and validating the developed Students' Results Tracking Tool. The general strategy of this study outlined the use of the Prototyping model in the system's development life cycle. This model allows the users to interact and experiment with a working model of the system known as a prototype. The prototype gives the user an actual feel of the system. In this model, it is assumed that all the requirements may not be known at the start of the development of the system. In this study, the researcher preferred the Prototyping Model because; in case the requirements of the application are changed or modified, the researcher would easily go back and update the system. This system runs on a web browser on a computer with a well-connected network. Hence, in the current era of e-learning, prompted by the adoption of ICT, students' results tracking has the advantage of being easy to administer, ability to offer students instant results, having easy verification, devoid of paperwork it is capable of reducing the proportion of workload on students' results tracking.



Students Results Tracking Tool, Kabale Secondary school


Kebirungi, Susan (2022). Students Results Tracking Tool: A Case Study of Kabale Secondary school. Kabale: Kabale University.