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We are glad to be bringing to you the fourth Issue of the KAB Newsletter. This is another great collection of the news around the University. We are glad that this newsletter is telling the story of Kabale University’s transformation each day. I am grateful to the editorial team of contributors and editors that have made it possible to have all the key activities around the university to be documented for our stakeholders. It is our goal and resolve to make each issue better than the previous. We are grateful to the Guild Information office for their participation in taking record of the student activities and reporting them to the key stakeholders. It is Staff and Students that together make KAB a University of substance. We shall continue to make the best out of all we get to inform our wider stakeholder community. It is our sincere hope that the KAB Newsletter shall continue to be an avenue for reporting the many key activities in and around the University. We also welcome the contributions from the wider student community and staff. We wish you enjoy reading this issue.