Design and Simulation of a Rowing Machine

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Kabale University


Excessive and repeated sitting without enough body physical exercise can lead to heavy body complications. A lot of calories accumulate in the body when a person spends many hours seated as compared to exercising. The main objective of this project is to design a Rowing Machine to enable people to fully exercise their bodies to reduce their sitting time for better health and this will be achieved through conceptualizing the design, modeling, and simulation of the virtual prototype of the Rowing Machine. The methods to be used involve developing a 3D model of the rowing machine using SOLID WORKS software, carrying out Finite Element Analysis. by ANSYS 2021 R2 software, and then motion analysis by MSC ADAMS/VIEW. The simulation results indicated that the proposed system/machine is safe under different loadings and the proposed machine will operate with good performance.




Matovu, Samson (2021). Design and Simulation of a Rowing Machine. Kabale: Kabale University.