Financial Literacy, Cash Management and Business Growth in Kampala City Council Authority, Uganda

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Economics, Commerce and Trade Management: An International Journal


The study sought to establish the relationship between financial literacy, cash management and business growth in Kampala city council authority. The study design used was descriptive and correlation in nature. The study revealed a moderately high level of financial literacy, a moderate level of cash management and a moderately high level of business growth among the businesses investigated. Financial literacy confirmed in adequate knowledge on how to expand and capitalize money in addition to warranting a portion of their regular income saved in assets. It was noted that most businesses grow out of paying their debtors promptly, using loaned capital efficiently and perhaps cash planning practices. In the long run, most businesses end up into bankruptcy associated to using borrowed funds for improving standards of living. It is a common practice in Uganda for one to emerge as a promising investor, live a posh life and registered in bankruptcy within less than a decade of his business career. The study recommended that the Private Sector Uganda, Uganda Manufacturers’ Association, Uganda Chamber of Commerce; and other trade organizations should include training business men and women around the country on sound financial management. There is need to further sensitize the public and business owners in particular on the risks associated with borrowed capital. Business owners should further avoid running for credit because it is cheap and available. Business owners should always align their borrowed capital with business objectives lest they divert funds intended for business growth into improving their standards of living by spending lavishly.



Financial Literacy, Cash Management, Business Growth