Patient's Heart Beat and Temperature Monitoring System.

dc.contributor.authorMbabazi Caleb
dc.description.abstractHealth related issues and parameters are of utmost importance to man, and it is essential to man's existence and influence and thus there is a need for an improved system that would be able to capture and monitor the changes in health parameters irrespective of time and location so as to provide for measures that will detect abnormalities and cater for emergencies. This work presents a system that is capable of providing real time remote monitoring of the heartbeat with the help of an alarm and SMS alert. This project aims at the design and implementation of a low cost but efficient and flexible heartbeat monitoring and alert system using GSM technology. It is designed in such a way that the heartbeat/pulse rate is sensed and measured by the sensors which sends the signals to the control unit for proper processing and determination of the heartbeat rate which is displayed on an LCD. It also triggered an alarm and send SMS to a mobile phone of medical expert or health personnel, if the threshold value of the heartbeat rate is exceeded. Thus this system proposed a continuous, real-time, remote monitoring of the heartbeat rate of a patient for diagnosis and early preventive treatment of cardiovascular ailments.
dc.identifier.citationMbabazi, Caleb Patient's (2021). Patient's Heart Beat and Temperature Monitoring System. Kabale: Kabale University.
dc.publisherKabale University
dc.titlePatient's Heart Beat and Temperature Monitoring System.