Labour Turnover and Performance of Public Institutions in Zanzibar: A Case of Ministry of Education and Vocational Training in Zanzibar

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Kabale University


The purpose of this study was to investigate labour turnover and performance of public institutions in the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training in Zanzibar. The study was conducted at the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training which is located in Dar es Salaam. The study was guided by these objectives namely: to investigate the factors that lead to staff turnover in this ministry; to assess the impact of labour turnover for the ministry’s performance and to assess the role of the Ministry of Education of Zanzibar in the sustainability of its human resources to maximize the performance of the organizations. A case study design was used because of the nature of the study. Quantitative and qualitative data analysis was also opted for in this study. The data collection methods comprised documentary sources, interviews and questionnaires which were instituted by the researcher. The results showed that there was moderate rate of staff turnover in the ministry. However, there were some challenges in maintaining and retaining maximum staff because labour movement was due to different reasons and its implications for organizations’ performance were very high. Several recommendations have been made to enhance and prevent the government from having high turnovers in order to compete with other organizations. Recommendations include: improving the monetary benefits and staff development efforts; work on improving the policies, systems and procedures, interviewing candidates carefully, not just to ensure they have the right skills but also to make sure that they fit well with the company’s culture, managers and core workers. The study also recommended to set the right compensation and benefits to employees and review compensation when necessary


A Research Dissertation Submitted to the Directorate of Postgraduate training in a Partial Fulfilment of the Requirements for the award of A Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management of Kabale University


Labour Turnover ,Performance of Public Institutions , Zanzibar