Performance Management Practices and Health Service Delivery in Kabale Hospital, Kabale District, Uganda.

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Kabale University


The study examined the performance management practices and health service delivery in Kabale hospital, Kabale District, Uganda. The study was based on the following objectives: to assess the effect of performance planning on health service delivery; to examine the effect of performance monitoring on health service delivery; and to investigate the effect of rewards on health service delivery in Kabale Hospital, Kabale District. In total, a sample of 312 respondents was selected from members who included heads of departments, supervisors, staff from the human resource department, support staff and patients (in and out-patients) in Kabale hospital. The sample size was obtained using census, stratified random sampling, and cluster sampling techniques. The study used both qualitative and quantitative techniques to collect and analyze data. Study findings revealed that performance planning (r=.646**; P=0.000), performance planning (r=.723**; P=0.000), and reward systems (r=.764**; P=0.000) influence health service delivery. The study concluded that performance planning, performance monitoring, and rewards have a positive significant relationship with health service delivery. This is because findings revealed that sometimes performance targets are developed by supervisors and only imposed on to the subordinates which produce negative consequences. The study recommends that the Ministry of Local Government need to provide proper guidelines to be followed by supervisors to guide the process of developing a performance plan between supervisors and their subordinates. It was also recommended that hospital administration need to ensure that performance appraisal forms are filled by both the supervisors and their subordinates. Again, the study recommends the need to streamline reward package and this should cover both monetary and non-monetary incentives in order to promote service delivery.



Performance Management Practices, Health Service Delivery