Analysis of the Variation of Vitamin C Content in Different Varieties of Passion Fruits from Kabale Central Market

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Kabale University


In Uganda, there are three commercially grown passion fruits namely the small purple Grandilla, the Yellow variety and the Kawanda hybrid. Industries which process passion fruits for juice and people who consume these varieties on market do not consider nutrient content while making preferences on the variety to use. They make choices basing on the color of the outer cover of the fruit and availability. This study analyses and the compares the nutrient content of the three common varieties of passion fruits common in Kabale Central Market. Samples of each of the three varieties were obtained and juice from each representative sample of the varieties was obtained and collected. The concentration of Vitamin C was determined quantitatively by iodometric titration. The study found out that the Yellow variety had high levels of Vitamin C, followed by the Kawanda hybrid, and the small purple Grandilla had the lowest content. However when the juice of the small purple Grandilla was mixed with that of the other varieties higher concentrations of Vitamin C were observed, hence mixtures of juice from the varieties can provide generally high vitamin C contents.


A Research Project Report Submitted to the Faculty of Education Kabale University in Partial Fulfilment of the Requirements for the Award of the Bachelor of Science with Education Degree of Kabale University


small purple Grandilla, Yellow variety, Kawanda Hybrid, Vitamin C, Mixtures of juice. Iodometric titration