Assessment of Record Keeping Practices in Nursing Schools: A Case of Uganda Nursing School-Bwindi.

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Gambamazima, Ruth

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Kabale University


The Purpose was to Assess the record keeping Practices in nursing schools. The study was guided with four objectives; identifying different types of records at Uganda Nursing School-Bwindi, identifying the importance of the records Keeping Practices at Uganda Nursing School-Bwindi, to examine the challenges faced with keeping records at Uganda Nursing School-Bwindi and to propose possible solutions for effective records Keeping Practices at Uganda Nursing School-Bwindi. The study doted descriptive research design because it provided a framework for interpreting the variables of the study. The target population was 15 and a simple random sampling technique was used to select the respondents in the organization where the study was conducted. The results indicated that; the department has never appraised or disposed its records ever since its establishment, records had already filled up the strong room which is no longer accessible and some of the records are staffed in boxes and some piled on the floors. It was recommended that the department adopts a record Keeping policy, train its staff on simple records keeping standards, adopts a records preservation plan, revive the records office and to appraise and dispose records systematically. The research concluded that Uganda Nursing School-Bwindi has worked seriously on records keeping problems though the safety and security of records is a challenge to personnel in-charge of records. Also, at Uganda Nursing School-Bwindi it was revealed that there were numerous instances where important documents and notes were not kept in secure conditions.



Assessment, Record Keeping Practices, Nursing Schools, Nursing School, Bwindi, Uganda


Gambamazima, Ruth (2020). Assessment of Record Keeping Practices in Nursing Schools: A Case of Uganda Nursing School-Bwindi. Kabale: Kabale University.