The Role of Donations and Education Services in Kabale Municipality Kabale District.

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Kabale University


The study was about the role of donations and education services in the Kabale municipality Kabale district Uganda. The objectives of the study were to examine the contributions of donations to education services in the Kabale district, to identify the influence of bursaries on education services Kabale district, and to identify the challenges facing donations in the Kabale district. The research used a case study design to address the research question depending on the characteristics of the study. A sample of 108 respondents was used, and data was collected using a questionnaire directed to teachers and head teachers in the area. Data was analyzed using frequencies where percentages were derived for easy interpretation. Findings show that there is a strengthening of school-based education through community involvement to increase contact time and support quality improvement in education. Some respondents also showed that there is provision of teaching and learning materials are among the contributions that donations have made to support students at the basic levels. Some respondents showed that pupils are presented with bursaries, one-off money installments or prizes as part of impetus for enhancing participation and motivation in learning at school Incentives are viewed as more powerful than different mediations since they straightforwardly target children, as opposed to guardians, parental figures or instructors. Managerial inefficiency was identified by most respondents as they were suggesting that they need to be trained in a way that they can provide equitable education services to the citizens. Provision of aid needs in class was more autonomous as mentioned by the respondents. There should be provision of teaching aids to help teachers teach history to students; this will even improve the performance of such students. The study concludes that learning materials should be availed on time to the schools so that the learners can use them effectively and efficiently. The donors should have tried to ensure that the pupils had all the required learning materials. The study recommends that for the success of donor-funded projects, contextualizing them to the societal and humane capital framework in which delivery is essential. There is a need for more evidenced quality information to inform education policies and programs since few impact evaluations have been carried out to assess several types of donor funding on education programs and effects on outcomes are therefore unknown.



Role, Donations, Education Services, Kabale Municipality, Kabale District


Ampaire, Bronia (2022). The Role of Donations and Education Services in Kabale Municipality Kabale District. Kabale: Kabale University.