Examining the challenges facing the management of Electronic Records: A Case Study of Mityana Hospital, Central Registry.


This study aimed at examining the challenges of electronic records management in Mityana Hospital with the case of Central Registry. The general objective of this was to investigate challenges facing the management of electronic records in Mityana hospital with a case study of central registry. The following were the specific objectives; to find out the types of records being managed in Mityana hospital, to identify the challenges faced in handling electronic records in Mityana hospital and to find out the solutions of handling those challenges. The study employed a mixed method: both quantitative and qualitative approaches were used in data collection and presentation. The study found out that patients’ cases notes, patients’ registers, patients’ indexes, computer based filing, x-rays, minutes, reports, correspondences, drug records and emails were the types of records managed by the central registry in Mitayna hospital. Also the study showed that insufficient funds, lack of enough computers, inadequate maintenance, inadequate knowledge in electronic records management(ERM) , lack of qualified personnel, difficult in computerizing records, lack of software and lack of interest are the most challenges the central registry face in the management of electronic records. Finally, the study revealed that the allocation of enough funds, training the personnel in ERM, improved of technology, recruitment of qualified staff, effective planning of ERM, setting new rules and regulations of ERM, ensuring security of e-records and encouraging change were the suggested solutions to challenges faced by the central registry of Mityana hospital in managing electronic records. It is concluded that in public hospitals in Uganda, the use of electronic records management system is still low. Therefore, the government should make effort to improve electronic records management for better performance of public hospitals.


A Research Report Submitted to the Faculty of Arts And Social Sciences, Department of Library and Information Science in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement for the award of a Diploma in Records Management of Kabale University


Electronic Records, Management Of Electronic Records


Kasande, M. (2014). Examining the challenges facing the management of Electronic Records: A Case Study of Mityana Hospital, Central Registry.Diploma Report, Kabale University.Uganda