The Contribution of Archives Management in the Performance of Local Government Central Registry, Rwanda.

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Kabale University


The study was about the contribution of Archives management performance in local government: a case study of Gicumbi District local government central registry in Rwanda. The study was guided by the following objectives, to identify the kind of archives kept in Gicumbi District local government, to identify the challenges of archives management in managing archives in Gicumbi District, to identify the challenges of archives management, and to suggest possible solutions and make recommendations to the above challenges. The scope of the study was limited to information about the contributions of archives management in performance in Gicumbi District and it mainly focused on recent period that is 2014 Literature related to the topic of the study was retrieved. The research was descriptive cross section research design. The study targeted the administration and staff of Gicumbi District, both male and female above the age of eighteen. The sample size of the study was 10 respondents. Purposive sampling technique was used to get the required respondents. Data collection methods included interview, observation, and documentary review and questionnaire methods. Data was represented, interpreted, and analyzed using tables and frequency distribution tables with the help of Microsoft excel and word The findings of the study were the kind of archives kept which included: periodicals and manuals, supporting business documents and financial statements. The role of archives management included; to detect errors and wastes, provide proper study of the position of the institution, comparison of business and solution to disputes and policy formulation in improving employee’s performance. The researcher recommended that three should be provision of computers in the registry to ease the work of filing and safe handling of encode than paper management. The researcher also recommended that there should be employment of people mainly for cleaning or for regular cleaning of the files in the registry that mainly employed for cleaning only


A Research Dissertation Submitted to the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences in Partial Fulfillment of the Award of a Bachelor’s Degree in Library and Information Science of Kabale University


Archives Management, Performance


Uwamwezi, J. (2015). The Contribution of Archives Management in the Performance of Local Government Central Registry, Rwanda. Bachelors Report, Kabale University, Uganda.