Affirmative Action on Women Education Promotion in Ntungamo Municipality Ntungamo District.

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Kabale University


The study was about identifying the contribution of affirmative action on women's education promotion in Ntungamo Municipality Ntungamo District, Uganda. The study was guided by objectives like identifying the role of the government on affirmative action on the education of women, finding out the barriers to women's participation in education, and finding ways to improve girl child education in Ntungamo district. The study used a descriptive research design. The study used 59 respondents from the target population. The study findings show that implementation of affirmative action is critical for establishing those distinctive benefits through laws and policies for the redress of inequality suffered by underprivileged individuals. As a result, affirmative action has become an inescapable aspect of the recruitment process and enhancement of females in institutions particularly, in leadership positions. In this article, a qualitative approach was adopted. Semi-structured interviews and document reviews were used to collect data. Findings showed that affirmative action was an ideal strategy for allowing female academics to display their capabilities but should not be implemented as tokenism to maintain quality and standards in universities. Moreover, merit, skill, and qualities of growth and leadership were identified as imperative. However, lack of transparency and clear lines of communication in implementing this strategy were cited as an obstacle. It was recommended that. transparency and accountability in implementing affirmative action in all university structures was critical. Training that targets gender equality issues should be ongoing and be used as a strategy for promoting the visibility of females in leadership positions. Merit, skill, qualities of growth, and acumen of leadership should be incorporated to maintain high quality and standard of leadership in universities regardless of gender.



Affirmative Action, Women Education Promotion, Ntungamo District


Abenawe, Jasper (2023). Affirmative Action on Women Education Promotion in Ntungamo Municipality Ntungamo District. Kabalke: Kabale University.