Gender Relations and Women Empowerment in Kisoro Municipality.

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Kabale University


The study focused on the findings of gender relations and women empowerment in Kisoro municipality. The objectives of the study included the following: to find out the role of gender relations and women empowerment, to establish the factors that affect gender relations and women empowerment, and to identify possible solutions for the enhancement of gender relations and women empowerment. There was a critical review of the issues that have been explored and studied both theoretically and empirically in the existing literature on gender relations as an independent variable women empowerment as the dependent variable and the methods of data collection were put into action. The research used 80 respondents as the sample size, and both qualitative and quantitative methods of data collection and analysis were employed. The researcher used simple random sampling techniques in collecting and analyzing data and was used to provide equal chances to the sample size. Purposive sampling was also used to collect data from respondents who participated in the study. Findings of the study were obtained from the field interpreting the results analyzing based on the specific objectives of the study and Chapter Five portrayed the summary of findings, recommendations the Ministry of Labor, Gender and Social Development should address the problem of poverty concerning gender relations among women in Uganda, there should be awareness rising regarding gender-based violence, The gender relations should be addressed through social protection programs like equal enjoyment of social services for example clean water in the community, For women to contribute in the development process their potential should be un folded by sensitizing them about development and providing them with the necessary knowledge to help them to be included in the ci.:velopment process and women should get access to economic assets like land and houses that an be used as collateral to secure soft loans. Based on the findings of the study, the following conclusions were drawn, the study aimed at assessing the impact of gender relations and women empowerment. From the findings, it was established that there is a big negative impact of gender relations on women's empowerment. It was established that gender relations lead to increased education as well as raised income for the family which leads to women's empowerment. It was however established that education and household income which are the key roles of gender relations can be increased by ensuring that women groups at the local level get access to big financial institutions, women should also have access to assets like land, and houses among others.



Gender Relations, Women Empowerment, Kisoro Municipality


Kamahoro, Janet (2022). Gender Relations and Women Empowerment in Kisoro Municipality. Kabale: Kabale University.