Determination of the Effect of Treated Waste Water on Growth And Development Of Zea Mays( L).

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Kabale University


Municipal waste water can be a source of nutrients in addition to meet the crop water requirements in areas facing nutrient depression and water scarcity. Due to increased nutrient loss and water scarcity, use of unconventional water sources for example waste water in Arable lands has now become important. However, inclusive information on the effects of waste water on crop production and soil health is necessary for such intervention. This study was designed to evaluate the effects by demonstrating the contribution of waste water on the growth rate of maize (Zea mays). Three application treatments of waste water were done 111 experiment 1, experiment 2, and control experiment to determine the effects of waste water on the stem height, leaf length and number of leaves of the maize plants. Experiments I, 2 and control were carried out with use of I 00% waste water, 70% waste water and tape water respectively were used. Three application treatments were done and tested in pots, where application of waste water was by irrigation. Three applications were made, one week before planting, three weeks after germination and six weeks after germination. Plant height, leaf length and leaf number increased from applications of I 00% and 70% waste water over the control treatment where tap water was applied. Although plant height, leaf length and leaf number increased for both proportions of waste water, 70% waste water application contributed to maximum plant height, leaf length and leaf number. Municipal water could be used for biomass production of bioenergy crops and further studies are required to test the composition of waste water before use and its impact on human through food chain.


A Research Report Submitted to the Faculty of Education in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the a Ward of the Degree of Bachelor of Science with Education of Kabale University


Zea mays( L), municipal waste water, stem length, leaf length, number of leaves