Quality Management Practices and Business Development: A Case Study of Nile Breweries in Kabale District.

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Kabale University


The study was about the contribution of quality management practices on business development; a case study of Nile Breweries in Kabale District. The objectives of the study were to identify the quality management practices involved in business development in Nile Breweries, to find out the indicators of business development in Kabale District, and to find out the contribution of quality management practices to business development in Nile Breweries. A descriptive design was used depending on the characteristics of the study. A sample of 41 respondents was used, and data was collected using a questionnaire directed to the employers and employees of the company. Data was analyzed using frequencies where percentages were derived for easy interpretation. From the findings it was found that quality management practices are properly used within the bakery, the application process of top management, leadership or top management commitment, information and analysis, use of employee involvement in decision making, and supply chain management is also applied within the bakery. An increase in profits indicates the development of any business in that when the business is not making profits that will help it to make day-to-day expenditures then it's likely to fail or stop from working out. Respondents showed that quality management practices help in communication improvement within the business. Still quality management practice will help to know what will be needed to improve the performance of the business and this can be done through communication. Consistency in business operations within the community and through providing services to the customers hence business development and sustainability. Continuous improvement of the business also can be attributed to good quality management practices within the Kabale district. The study concludes that TQM practices improve various performance measures in the firms. All aspects of TQM practices should be effectively managed in a firm because each factor in TQM practices improves different aspects of firm performance. Studies supported management leadership, continuous improvement, and customer focus for positive relations with innovative performance. The study concludes that Nile Breweries should improve employee involvement/skill and firm structure and allocate sufficient resources to implement TQM successfully. There should be the participation of the employee in the decision-making of the organization. There should be a high commitment to quality and customer satisfaction to avoid discrimination and marginalization within the business development.




Atukwase Jasper (2022). Quality Management Practices and Business Development: A Case Study of Nile Breweries in Kabale District.Kabale: Kabale University.