Design of a Waste Water Treatment System for Kampala International University-Western Campus.

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Kabale University


This project deals with the design of a wastewater treatment system for Kampala International University, Western campus. The university premises have the existing traditional systems which according to research will not be sufficient to cater for the growing population in the long run. By considering the topography of the area, a gravity collection system was considered for the design and using design equations and the data obtained from the field, to obtain the flow of each pipe section, velocity, slope pipe sizes, residual head and head losses the pipe hydraulics were obtained. The invert levels for the manholes were also calculated and used to obtain the profile of the system. Considering different factors, a convenient treatment system was chosen and that is the use of wastes stabilization ponds. The wastewater discharged from the campus was picked and tested to obtain the most needed parameters for the design. And also, An EIA is shown expressing the different problems the project may have to the environment and the mitigation measures of each problem also shown Waste stabilization ponds contains mainly three ponds namely anaerobic, facultative and maturation pond and the design equations used are according to Mara and Pearson (1986). The anaerobic pond was designed basing on volumetric loading and the pond depth is 3.5m, pond area is 85.62m2, pond volume is 342.47m3 and a retention time of 1.2 days. The facultative pond is designed basing on surface loading which is dependent on temperature (200C) and the pond depth is 2m, pond area is 1467m2, pond volume is 2934m3 and retention time is 110.3 days. The maturation pond is designed basing on Marais (1974) for fecal coliform removal. The pond depth is 1.5m, pond area is 2844.7m2, pond volume is 4267.05m3 and the retention time is 15days. Conclusions and recommendations were also shown in this report about the different aspects of the system.




Tayebwa, Gift (2021). Design of a Waste Water Treatment System for Kampala International University-Western Campus. Kabale: Kabale University.