The Effect of Banana Bacteria Wilt on the Socio-Economic Welfare of Farmers in Ruhinda Sub-County Rukungiri District

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Kabale University


The study looked at the impact of banana bacteria wilt on the socioeconomic well-being of banana farmers. Farmers in Ruhinda sub-county, Rukungiri district. The objectives of the study were to identify the importance of banana production and assess the impact of banana bacteria wilt on to investigate potential control measures. Rukungiri district, Ruhinda sub-county The researcher employed a descriptive research design and data was collected using interview, observation, and questionnaire methods. The study results on the importance of banana production in Ruhinda sub-county, Rukungiri district indicated that the highest number of the respondents food security, while the least number of the respondents mentioned sources of mulch for maintaining and improving soil fertility. The study went ahead on the impact of the banana bacteria wilt the socio-economic welfare of the farmers in Ruhinda sub-county. The source of mulch was mentioned by the greatest number of respondents for maintaining and improving soil fertility, the lowest number of respondents mentioned that the disease has led to the study continued on possible measures to control the increase in poverty among households, and the study in banana bacteria wilt in Ruhinda sub-county, Rukungiri district, the highest number of respondents mentioned heating garden tools such as hoes, machetes, knives, and slashers over Keeping a fire until the metal is too hot to touch is also effective in killing the bacteria, the lowest a number of respondents talked about how timely removal of male buds with a forked stick is important. Where insect vectors that visit the diseased flower parts carry the pathogen. The study recommended that there should be quarantine enforcement by the government agencies to prevent spread of banana bacteria wilt to non-infected areas, there should be policies on the use of clean planting materials, as well as regular inspection/screening for approved bananas nurseries to dispense banana bacteria wilt disease-free materials, and there should be for example, banana tissue culture, training, and encouragement to obtain clean banana nursery producers/tissue culture hardening nurseries, click here. planting materials.


A Research Report Submitted to the Faculty of Education in Partial Fulfilment of the Requirements for the Award of a Bachelor Degree of Arts with Education of Kabale University


Banana Bacteria Wilt , Socio-Economic, Welfare of Farmers