Effects of Land Slides in Muko Sub-County Rubanda District.

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Kabale University


The study focused on the assessment of land slide occurrence in the Muko Sub-county and its implications on the local community in Muko. The study was guided by three objectives and included; identifying the causes of landslides Muko sub-county, identifying the impacts of landslides in the Muko sub-county, and suggesting control measures for landslide occurrences in the Muko sub-county. A total sample of hundred (100) respondents was considered for the study. This included parish chief, sub-county chief, and community members. The researcher used both simple random and purposive sampling techniques in identifying the study sample population. The methods that were used in data collection included questionnaires, observation, and interviews. Data collected was edited, coded, entered into the computer, and analyzed with Excel, a Microsoft statistical package, the results were presented in tables. Based on results from the study, According to the findings, 100% of the respondents agreed that there were several causes of landslides including the influence of agricultural activities, the Influence of slope and steepness, the Influence of undercutting slopes, the Influence of the geological factors, Triggering factors and Influence of rainfall. From objective two above, it was found that there were several impacts of landslides including; Forest destruction, Stream cover due to debris, Drinking water contamination, Valley flooding, Infrastructure breakdown, Soil degradation, and Loss of lives. From the research, objective three was found to be the control measures of landslides as they include; forestation, Land use practices, Government policy, Community participation, Resettlements, and Community mobilization.



Effects, Land Slides, Muko Sub-County, Rubanda District


Akampwera, Grania (2022). Effects of Land Slides in Muko Sub-County Rubanda District. Kabale: Kabale University.