Master of Arts in Public Administration and Management (MAPAM)

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Kabale University


This programme is meant to train and pass out graduates empowered with high and advanced skills and knowledge so as to meet the challenges of contemporary Uganda, East Africa, Africa and beyond. Quite a number of agencies, organisations and institutions find themselves persuaded to contribute to the urgency of providing a channel for equipping human resources or personnel with relevant and advanced skills to contribute to the required social economic transformation. The need and call for a very effective and faultless public management system is extremely necessary. It is believed and expected that that such a system is one that can/should play a key, driving role in bringing about attainment of that dream. Uganda just like other East African Countries or better said, Sub-Saharan African countries in general continue to grapple with the need for effective Public Administration and efficacy in political leadership, good governance, resources mobilisation and management. What we may call, ‘delayed’ development, is unacceptable.



Master, Arts ,Public Administration ,Management