The Effect of Monetary Rewards on Employee Productivity in Rukungiri District: A Case Study of Kebisoni Sub-county.

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Kabale University


The purpose of the study was to establish the relationship between monetary rewards and the productivity of employees in Kebisoni Sub County, Rukungiri District. The objective of the study was to establish different forms of rewards and to examine the impact of rewards on employee productivity. The researcher used questionnaires as a research tool. The sample size was 50 respondents. The data comprised both primary and secondary data. Random sampling was also used. The findings indicated that employees are rewarded in terms of monetary rewards like salaries, bonuses, and overtime payments and also in terms of non-monetary rewards like medical benefits, free transport, and free meals. It was also discovered that employees in Kebisoni Sub County are more satisfied with monetary rewards. The general conclusion was that a direct relationship existed between monetary rewards and employee productivity. Therefore monetary rewards have a direct impact on employee productivity. The recommendation was that the management of international care and relief should give the same treatment to employees in terms of medication. The administration should create other monetary rewards like life insurance and vacation days Employees should be allowed to participate in decision-making. This makes them feel that they are recognized in the organization. Hardworking employees should promoted. This gives them a feeling that their efforts are being recognized Salaries and overtime payments should be increased. This will enable employees to meet their basic needs and therefore leave them satisfied Employees should also be trained and taught about the merits of performance appraisal exercises because they may think it is only concerned about assessing them to pave the way for firing them hence having a negative attitude towards performance appraisal more resources should be allocated in matters concerning performance appraisal.



Effect, Monetary Rewards, Employee Productivity, Rukungiri District, Kebisoni Sub-county


Tukamushaba, Dativah (2022). The Effect of Monetary Rewards on Employee Productivity in Rukungiri District: A Case Study of Kebisoni Sub-county. Kabale: Kabale University.