Kabale University Convocation Constitution

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Kabale University


Whereas Kabale University Staff and the Alumni (hereinafter collectively referred to as the Convocation) are desirous of associating so as to provide a recognized platform for the members to take an active role in the affairs of Kabale University (hereinafter referred to as the University); Whereas the Convocation commit themselves to the pursuit of the University Vision, Mission, Motto and Core Values; whereas the Convocation represents the interests of the members nationally and internationally; whereas the Convocation is one of the stakeholders’ fora of the University aiming at contributing to the development of the University; whereas section 70 of the provides for the Convocation, the Convocation members do hereby subscribe to forming a Convocation; And whereas the Convocation undertakes to associate and execute the activities of the Convocation as laid down in this Constitution, the Convocation shall be bound to accord due respect to and shall comply with the provisions as stipulated herein. Keywords: Convocation, Constitution, Kabale University


The Convocation Premises shall be at Kabale University, Kikungiri, Kabale Municipality. The Executive Committee shall carry out Convocation activities either in office space provided by the University or in premises built by Convocation on space allocated by the University. At an Annual General Meeting, the Convocation may decide to open branch office(s) in area(s) deemed deserving of such office(s).


Convocation, Constitution, Kabale University