Design and Construction of a GSM Based Led Scrolling Message Display Board.

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Kabale University


Scrolling LED displays are normally used at big shops, Commercial banks, railway station and educational institutions and is becoming an effective mode of communication to people. The LED’s are pre-programmed in a way that, they display a particular message. In case the message needs to be edited or manipulated, a person needs to be around to re-program the system again. This means that the message cannot be changed easily whenever the need arise. The aim of this project is to develop a moving sign board which empowers the user to remotely change the scrolling message by sending SMS using GSM to a pre-registered phone number. AT mega 328 was used as microcontroller together with SIM800A and P10 LED Matrix Display. The designed system was used to display new messages on the display board without a need for the board to be reprogrammed or presence of personnel at the point of display. Hence, this project can serve as a model for displaying notices and messages at places that required real time noting by sending the messages in the form of SMS to a pre-registered mobile phone.




Tumuhimbise, Jasper Kanze (2021).Design and Construction of a GSM Based Led Scrolling Message Display Board. Kabale: Kabale University.