Compensation Packages and Employees’ Job Performance: A Case Study of National Population Council, Uganda

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Kabale University


The purpose of the study was to examine the role of compensation packages for the employees’ job performance at the National Population Council. The specific objectives were to: establish the various compensation packages employed by National Population Council; determine the relationship between the compensation packages and employees’ job performance at National Population Council; and, find out the challenges affecting employees’ job performance at National Population Council. The researcher used descriptive cross-sectional survey design which employed both quantitative and qualitative approaches. The study population involved employees of National Population Council totaling 104.The study used a sample size of 83 respondents which was selected using both simple random and purposive sampling techniques and the response rate was 76 responses, representing 91.6%. The study used both a structured questionnaire and an interview guide to collect primary data from the respondents. The findings were presented using both descriptive statistics and logistic regression model. The study findings revealed that the compensation packages employed by NPC include: salary (97%), incentives (72.9%), rewards (84%), and wages (97%). These compensation packages were found to be instrumental in improving the employees’ job performance at NPC. Concerning the relationship between compensation packages and employees’ job performance at NPC, the logistic regression findings indicated that employees given rewards (OR=1.906, P-value<0.05), incentives (OR=1.845, P-value<0.05), salaries (OR=1.316, P-value<0.05), and wages (OR=1.273, P-value<0.05) significantly performed higher compared to those who were not subjected to these compensation packages. The study found out that the major challenges affecting employees’ job performance at NPC include: limited funds to support health insurance of employees, inadequate salary, inadequate allowances, and limited promotions to the staff. The study concluded that compensation packages provided to employees of NPC are so instrumental in enhancing employee job performance despite some challenges. Concerning recommendations, NPC should improve/increase on the salaries provided to its employees since this may help to improve on their performance. Funds should be set aside to cater for the health insurance of the employees of NPC. NPC should promote its employees who perform well so as to motivate them to perform better.


A Dissertation Submitted to the Directorate of Postgraduate Training in Partial Fulfilment of the Requirements for the Award Of Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management of Kabale University


Compensation Packages ,Employees’ Job Performance