Administrative Management Practices and Service Delivery in Selected Non-Governmental Organizations in Kabale District: A Case Study of Kabale Municipality


Service delivery by Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs) to beneficiaries remains a major challenge in most communities in the developing world. Though management practices are important and fundamental in enhancing service delivery in the NGO sector , they have received little attention.This study examined the relationship between administrative management practices and service delivery in selected NGOs in Kabale Municipality.Spefically, the study examined the relationship between: planning, policies/laws and monitoring and evaluation and service delivery in selected NGOs in Kabale Municipality. The study employed a cross-sectional and correlational design. A total of 84 participants including 80 workers in the selected NGOs and 4 community development officers were recruited to participate in the study from October to November 2021. Descriptive statistics, Pearson correlation and linear regression were used. Data were obtained from workers of NGOs using a self-administered questionnaire and interview guides from community development officers. Statistical Package for Social Sciences was used for analyzing data from questionnaires. Thematic analysis and quotes from qualitative data were used in triangulation. Of the administrative management practices, 1.3% (p = 0.161), 4.6% (p=0.032 )and 14.8% (p=0.000) were the positive contributions of planning, administration of policies/laws and monitoring/evaluation respective to service delivery in selected NGOs in Kabale Municipality. The relationship between administarative management practices and service delivery in NGOs in Kabale Municipality was positive with least effect of planning followed by monitoring/evaluation and the most administration of policies/laws effects on service delivery. Interventions targeting administrative management practices, especially, planning are vital.


A Dissertation submitted to Faculty of Economics and Management Sciences in Partial Fulfilment of the Requirements for Award of Master of Arts in Project Planning and Management of Kabale University


Administrative Management , Service Delivery , Non-Governmental Organizations