Assessing the Impact of Inflation on Household Consumption in Kisoro District: A Case Study of Ny Akabande Subcounty

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Kabale University


The study was about assessing the impact of inflation on household consumption in Nyakabande Sub county in Kisoro District and it was guided by the following study objectives; To establish the causes of inflation on household consumption in Nyakabande Sub County, To assess the effects of inflation on household consumption in Nyakabande Sub County and to explore the possible strategies to reduce the effects of inflation on household consumption in Nyakabande Sub County. The research design used was exploratory involving questionnaires and interview guides that were administered to the respondents to ascertain and explore the characteristics of variables understudy based on qualitative data from both primary and secondary sources. The researcher intended to explore more about unknown in the study area thus this design was advantageous in way that remarkable insights about the area was discovered. Basing on the qualitative research design that the researcher employed, simple random sampling was used to select respondents from two parishes of Nyakabande Sub County. The researcher wrote names continued put them in the basket and shook it thoroughly and then they picked any name at random. at was collected, using various methods and instruments of data collection such as questionnaires and interview guides. The questionnaire was pretested to determine the reliability and validity of the findings. Pretesting was done before the actual field study among 10 respondents immediately after collecting data; it was harnessed, organized and recorded accordingly. Similarly, responses were put together, regulated and sieved so that the right one was considered for the study as the unwanted ones were discarded under this section, different gadgets and methods were used to tabulate the information. The study revealed great causes of inflation on the household consumption in Nyakabande Sub County citing out several effects of inflation on socioeconomic welfare of households such as poor standards of living, destabilizing the economy among others. Finally, the study advanced some possible strategies to reduce on inflation effects on household consumption in Nyakabande Sub County such as infrastructural development, employment creation by the government and so on. Basing on the findings from the study, the researcher recommended further studies to be carried out on the cause of inflation or; household consumption should be carried to come out with enough and reliable information that can help to control inflation out before it circulates. Locals should consider the effects Gf inl1ation on their socioeconomic welfare detrimental and there, devise means to reduce them. In addition, the government should adopt stringent policies on inflation. Otherwise people will lost' trust and confidence it and this may breed social or political unrest or both.


A Research Report Submitted to the Faculty of Education in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement for a Ward of Bachelor of Arts Degree in Education of Kabale University


Inflation , Household ,Consumption