Vocational and Technical Training and Promotion of Employment in Kabale District: A Case Study of Kabale Municipalty.

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Kabale University


There is an outcry among the public on the quality and quantity of graduates from tertiary institutions, that the graduates are unemployable. It is not known whether the problem is due to insufficient relevant training centers and skills requirements of the world of work, which do not match properly. It is for this reason that this study sought to find out the influence of vocational and Technical training on employment levels in Kabale district. The study was guided by the following objectives; to find out the role played by vocational training in economic development, to find out the perceptions of Educators and employers regarding the employability of graduates of vocational programs. The study collected data from 60 respondents purposively selected from five institutions in the Municipality. Furthermore. Literature by other researchers and scholars was revisited. In most of the findings of these researchers, they identified vocational training as a factor that promotes employment. Most of the respondents in the above were of the view that vocational training had influenced promotion of employment in Uganda, supported the idea that vocational education and training contribute to economic development and that polytechnic and vocational institutions have prepared sufficient numbers of skilled and semi-skilled workers to satisfy the needs of labor force. The study ended by recommending that; In order for vocational training institutions to meet training and educational challenges, innovative pedagogic and instruction methods and delivery systems must be integrated within the frame work of such need for skilled development initiative towards promotion of employment and that firm linkages and coordination are required amongst the various public and private schools, training centers including company based training and on job training that provide relevant practical oriented training that promotes employment.


A Research Report Submitted to the Faculty of Education in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement for the Award of Bachelors Degree in Education of Kabale University.


Vocational and Technical Training, Promotion of Employment


Orikiriza. M.(2013). Vocational and Technical Training and Promotion of Employment in Kabale District: A Case Study of Kabale Municipalty. Bachelors Report, Kabale University, Uganda.