Value Chain Analysis as a Catalyst in Gender Main Streaming

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Kabale University


This article examines the value chain analysis as a catalyst in gender mainstreaming. Gender activities in the global world have revealed that, one sex has been marginalized by the other. From time immemorial, gender roles and activities differ, some base on physical ability and so on. This aimed at transforming mainstream policies by introducing a value chain analysis in a gender equality perspective. However, it has been largely used as an alibi for neutralizing the negative action in gender mainstreaming. The policy of gender mainstreaming incorporating gender sensitive aspects into external and internal policies and practices has been widely adopted throughout the international development community since the world conference on women in Beijing in 1995. Women are statistically the global majority; women cannot be treated as "a special case" but their needs and interests must be protected as integral part of any development policy as those of men. The paper gives an insight of the importance of a value chain analysis in gender mainstreaming.



Gender Mainstreaming, Value Chain, Catalyst, Marginalized


Baliamoune-Lutz M. Gender Inequality and Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa and Arab Countries,” ICER Working Papers 25-2007, ICER- International Center for Economic Research.