Analysis of Power Quality Issues in Induction Motors.

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Kabale University


This project is about the analysis of power quality issues in induction motor machines that was carried out at Kigezi highland tea factory. Power quality problems have been a major concern particularly in this factory, where there are many large-scale type of motor equipment. Thus, it was useful to investigate and mitigate the power quality problems. Assessment of Power quality required the identification of any anomalous behavior on a power system, which adversely affects the normal operation of electrical motors. A power quality assessment involved gathering data resources; analyzing the data (with reference to power quality standards); then, if problems exist, a suitable recommendation or mitigation techniques was considered. Economic cost of Power Quality problems is huge particularly in this factory. The cost includes production loss, damage to expensive equipment, salary cost, restart cost. The suggested solution to the problem is depicted in the methodology where measurement of voltage, current and frequency values that helped to determine the suitable solution. Measuring instruments such as digital panel multimeter, voltmeter were used to carry out the measurements. The results are used to determine the variations in voltage, current and frequency changes. Big frequency changes and higher currents and voltages bring about shut down of the machines which stop production in the factory. Over voltage and current also causes the stress of insulation to electrical equipment and causes damage. Power quality problems i.e. the high voltages, high currents, frequency deviations have been my major concern and their impact on the industry equipment i.e. motors in particular. There were other disturbances that occurred during the survey i.e. voltage sag or voltage swell, under-voltage, temporary outage, and harmonics. Mitigation techniques were suggested to install passive harmonic filter to mitigate harmonic distortion, install a dynamic voltage restorer(DVR) to mitigate voltage disturbances and isolate all the sensitive and critical loads of kigezi highland factory feed them via uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). The research project ends with the conclusion and recommendation of the effective/economic mitigation techniques and the need for further studies.




Nazziwa, Evalyne (2023). Analysis of Power Quality Issues in Induction Motors. Kabale: Kabale Universty. kabale: Kabale University.