Cooperative Association as a Tool for Rural Development and Poverty Reduction in Rwanda: A Study of Abahuzamugambi ba Kawa in Maraba Sector


This study examined cooperative association as a tool for rural development and property reduction in Rwanda. Case study of cooperative Abahuzamugambi ba Kawa based in Maraba sector, Huye District in southern province . The sample population comprises the members, management, and Board of the Abahuzamuyambi ba kawa. The research questionnaire was used to gather data from members, management and the populace. The research questions focused on the principles of cooperative identity, participation and decision making, internal and external communications, organisational and leadership development, the relationship between the cooperative’s leadership, the initiatives of people to lift themselves out of poverty, the knowledge would support poor people own development. The findings of the study is on the rural cooperatives association and the need for education programming in the areas of cooperative member ownership and ways in which to increase participation in decision making.The cooperative associations have proven to be the best means to realise developmental goals, and poverty reduction working in a humble way at grassroot levels. Cooperatives association can participate directly in agriculture and industry thus creating employment and increasing productivity, which are the major causes of poverty.It is also deduced that, cooperatives associations help farmers to market firms products. The cooperative Abahuzamugambi ba Kawa was set up in Maraba sector to collect coffee from farmers and fructify it on behalf of members. This has contributed to the economic well-being of members as well as people within that area.This research only tried to articulate the cooperative association as a tool for rural development and poverty reduction in Rwanda. When all strategies have been tried, and we expecting fully result; cooperatives association as a tool to reduce poverty and improve rural development have to employ. So far, we have been getting good result from it.



Cooperative, Association, Rural Development, Poverty Reduction, Strategies.


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