Kabale University Policy on Promoting Staff Academic Growth and Professional Development

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Kabale University


This document is a policy statement that describes Kabale University policy on promoting staff academic growth and professional development within the framework of stated guiding factors. It contains general provisions on the process of promoting staff academic growth and development together with specific guidelines on operational procedures and regulations governing the staff training and development process at the University. Section One provides the meaning of terms and expressions as used in this document. It also specifies the scope of this policy as well as specifying the underlying factors that inform the policy described here including the factor of academic staff training for doctoral degrees as a high priority area and pre-requisites for academic growth and professional development, among others. Section Two outlines the objectives of the policy. Section Three is the core of the policy and it describes the main provisions of the policy together with proposals as to how the University intends to promote the academic growth and development of its members of staff. The main focus here is on the commitment of the University to promote staff academic growth and development, identifying staff training and development needs, supporting academic research and publications, providing incentives to study for higher degrees, including rewards for achieving a higher degree qualification, setting out academic conditions for continued employment of a member of staff and specifying the role of Departmental and Faculty and Institute structures as agencies for promoting staff academic growth and professional development. Section Four gives details of how the policy will be implemented. Among other things, the policy provides for the creation of an infrastructure containing the relevant policy implementing agencies including provision for a staff training and development unit within the Human Resource Directorate, a Senate Human Resource Staff Training and Development Committee chaired by the Vice-Chancellor, Staff Training and Development Committees at Faculty and Departmental levels chaired by the relevant academic heads. This section also provides a framework for operational and regulatory guidelines governing the identification of members of staff to be placed on the staff training and development programme, specification of Staff Training and Development categories, as well as application procedures for study and sabbatical leave and related financial arrangements. Keywords: Policy, Staff Academic Growth, Professional, Development, Kabale University


This policy applies to Kabale University staff members employed on a full-time basis. The University recognizes that staff growth and development is a continuous process. The success of such a process depends on a set of systematic guidelines and procedures to be followed in assisting staff members to achieve their fullest potentials as academics and administrators. The University recognizes the need to develop a policy to promote the growth and development of its members of staff within the framework of these guiding factors. The training guidelines and procedures outlined here constitute the University’s policy on promoting the academic/administrative growth and professional development of its members of staff


Policy, Staff Academic Growth, Professional, Development, Kabale University