Teacher competence and performance in primary schools in Nwoya District, Northern Uganda


This study brings to light the fact that the poor performance of pupils in primary schools is a pedagogical issue, which requires pedagogical approaches to improving teacher performance. The study sought to investigate the role of teacher competence in enhancing teacher’s performance in primary schools in Uganda. A sample of 217 respondents was chosen and the findings indicated a correlation coefficient of (r = .575). The study therefore recommended that teachers be encouraged to develop their pedagogical skills for effective delivery in the classroom, Performance appraisals should take care of pedagogical skill development for improved teacher performance. Teachers should pay attention to issues like classroom organization, time management and receiving telephone calls during class time. Teachers who work their best to promote a co-existence between the school and the community should be recognized and rewarded for their effort. Teachers should improve on their approach to absenteeism and should also be encouraged to build and work in teams to bring out the best of themselves and their pupils too.



Teacher competence, pedagogical competence, professional competence, teacher performance