Encoding and Decoding of Secret Messages Using Matrices

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Kabale University


This project examines the encoding and decoding of very sensitive information using matrices. In order to unfold the history of encoding and decoding, the influence of matrices in the mathematical world is spread wide because it provides an important basis for many of the principles and practices. It is important that we first determine what the matrices are. Due to the great need for security for passing sensitive information from one person to another or from one organization to another through electronic technology, there is a need for cryptography as a solution to this problem. Matrix analysis of one sort or another has for the past century been used in a variety of disciplines to summarize complex aspects of knowledge generation and to provide an eagle's eye perspective of them. It is hoped that this activity of encoding and decoding messages not only offers teachers great opportunities to either introduce or consolidate certain mathematical concepts and algorithms, but also persuade their students that mathematics plays an important role in various walks of life and hence is a useful and meaningful field of study.


A Dissertation Submitted to the Faculty of Education in Partial Fulfilment of the Requirements for the Award of the Bachelor's Degree of Science with Education at Kabale University


Encoding, Decoding , Secret Messages, Matrices